About Us

Hal with his Yorkie "Cali" watching the Sunrise on Jax Beach

Hal, a comprehensive professional photographer in Jacksonville, FL started in photography shooting sporting events with his 3 daughters’ lacrosse teams over 10 years ago. Hal later started shooting Home, Portrait/Wedding and Landscapes/Seascape Photography. Hal grew up in Central Florida and Jacksonville and currently lives in JAX Beach. Photography is a daily activity for Hal during early morning walks with his wife Teri and two Yorkies  “Cali & Chewy”. Hal says, “I’m continuously amazed how each morning is unique with interesting characteristics changing throughout the early morning. During my walks I strive to capture these amazing elements in my images.”

Daybreak Memory Gifts is an idea that Hal had when wife Teri asked for Sunrise images that Hal shot for baby and wedding gifts for her clients to memorialize their special day. Her clients loved these gifts so much that Hal started thinking how he could offer these images to others to enjoy as well. Thus, Daybreak Memory Gifts was born. “It’s wonderful to know that I was able to capture a moment in time that will have a personal significance celebrating a special occasion that the individual, family and friends will enjoy for a lifetime.